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1.  Ayurvedic and herbal hair oil.

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Adivasi Jeevasanjivani Herbal Hair Growth Oil is an excellent alternative to all your hair care products. The best part is you can now make your own hair growth oil using a mix of natural herbs and no artificial ingredients. This product is packed with 18 super potent and effective natural ingredients to help you grow healthy, long, and strong hair. Give the best to your hair and roots with Adivasi Jeevasanjivani Herbal Hair Growth Oil.


  • A PERFECT BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS :-¬†Quality is our priority and we work to provide it. All of our herbs are handpicked and dried to retain its advantageous properties. When you receive the herbs you'll notice the great quality of our herbs and a great aroma. The product is 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. Adivasi Jeevasanjivani¬†Herbal Hair Growth Oil is a globally trusted brand for herbs and herbal products. Our products are made in a GMP certified unit and are distributed all over the world.


Sri Maruthi Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil

  • EFFECTIVE -This¬†Keshambari Herbal Hair Growth Oil¬†has been proven to promote hair growth by rejuvenating hair follicles, giving you amazing results in the shortest amount of time! Biotin hair oil for men & women.

  • RESTORE THINNING HAIR AND HEALTHY HAIR¬†-¬†Treat yourself to the BEST solution to achieve thicker, stronger, longer, softer, and overall healthier hair. Prevent further thinning.

  • COMFORTABLE AND NON-GREASY¬†-¬†Treat your hair with active nutrients that keep them looking moisturized and healthy without looking greasy!

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES¬†-¬†Adivasi Jeevasanjivani¬†Herbal Hair Growth Oil¬†is designed for all hair types. If you have curly, straight, light, dark, long, or short hair, this revitalizing serum was made for you!


  • Complete Hair Nourishment :-¬†Adivasi Jeevasanjivani Herbal Hair Growth Oil is a great product to add to your natural hair regimen. The DIY herbal mix nourishes your hair follicles that help restore lost nutrients of your scalp. On regular use of the oil, it helps you to keep your hair and scalp naturally healthy.

  • Ideal For All Ages :-¬†Adivasi Jeevasanjivani Herbal Hair Growth Oil is recommended for all ages and there is no restriction even if you are old. It is made using natural ingredients and it works effectively, which makes it perfect for all.

  • Ideal For Head Massage:-¬†Massaging your scalp has multiple benefits and this herbal mix of hair oil can be used for a perfect hair massage. With the goodness of natural ingredients, massaging your scalp with it will help soothe the scalp.¬†

Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil Is Basically Made By Pure Adivasi Ayurvedic Herbs, Which Is Effectively Prevents The Hair fall and Helps To Grow Long Hairs With No Side Effect. USE 6 MONTH FOR BETTER RESULT: Used To Make Your Hair Strong,To Control Dandruff And New Hair Regrowth. Apply The Oil Half An Hour Before Bath, Twice in a week. Grows  Healthy long Hair. Also Used For Bald Head.

Apply the oil half an hour before bath twice a week to stop dandruff and for luxuriant growth promotes lost hair growth, check dandruff prevents hair fall, coolth ahead, releases headache, shine, silk any time your hair grows. Apply in night and morning both weekly twice in a 3 months course use and for the bold head, also can use.


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