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Your daily Watering needs like, washing your Car, Bike, watering your plants, cleaning windows, home etc. requires a lot of it and we just by using an unregulated hose pipe for that, waste a lot of water. But not Anymore.

Introducing, Jetoxo™️, an all-in-one Jet Sprayer for all your cleaning and Watering needs. Just fit onto the water outlet pipe and you are all set to clean whatever you want to by adjusting the pressure as per the requirements.

With multiple water modes which are easy to adjust, without the use of wrenches or other tools, it gets easier to clean stubborn stains as well as greatly improves the cleaning strength and efficiency.

For all the Cleaning or Watering needs at the Jet speed, Use Jetoxo™️.


  • Easy Installation: Inline design for easy installation. Just put Jetoxo™️ on the water outlet pipe and tighten it with a clamp. Done. You are ready to wash cleaning your car, sidewalk, yard, gutters, deck, home. 
  • Multiple Water Modes that saves water: It has multiple water modes to meet every watering need, you just have to adjust the Pressure as per your needs without the use of wrenches or other tools. In that way we can easily regulate the water usage and curb wastage.
  • Strong and Durable: Multiple Water Modes Made of all-metal, it is durable, wear-resistant, anti-aging. Suitable for 4/5/6 points of water pipes, meeting the daily car washing, garden watering, and other watering needs.
  • 10 Times as High Pressure: Quick washing of all kinds of stubborn stains, greatly improves the cleaning strength and efficiency, to help you wash your car quickly. A Pressure so high that it can shoot water jet up to 10 meters high.

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