ShaDex™️ (Pack of 4)

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Looking for a convenient and effective solution to protect your car's interior from harmful UV rays?

Look no further than ShaDex™️, a Universally Compatible Car Side Window Sun Shades!

These sun shades are constructed with superior UPF 50+ protection, this ShaDex™️ blocks more than 98% of UV radiation and is compatible with most car windows. They are designed to be easily installed by pulling them over the car side window and can be easily removed and stored when not in use. It is very useful in eliminating sun glare, reducing ultraviolet radiation and lowering the temperatures in the car, also prevents bugs and insects to come inside your car in case you lower down the window for fresh air.

Your Car interiors are saved from harmful sunlight and the reduces the Green-House Effect that increases the temperature inside the car every time it is parked under the Sun.

Protect yourself and your co-passengers from the sun's harsh rays inside the Car with ShaDex™️.


  • Easy To Install: It is super easy to install ShaDex™️, you just have to simply push down over the open car door. You don't have to go to Car Accessories Guy to get it done. 
  • Eliminate Sun Glare: ShaDex™️ reduces interior heat and prevents your skin from getting burnt or overheated, it reduces the Green House Effect created inside the car due to prolonged exposure under the sun while it is parked in the open. You can still open the Car windows for allowing the Fresh air to come in, avoiding the sunlight and bugs etc. simultaneously.
  • Save the Interior: Prolonged heat and exposure to sun in the absence of shades might harm your seat covers and interiors causing them to age and fade quickly. ShaDex™️ saves the interiors by eliminating UV rays coming for Sun. 
  • Compact and Easy To Clean: It is so light that you can easily fold it into a compact size that fits into a car storage box when not in use. Support machine washing.
  • Lowers the temperatures in the car: After installing it you will realise that it lowers the Temperature of the Car and makes your Car AC work more efficiently. It does not block the light but harmful sunlight's direct exposure is eliminated. 


Package Contains: It Has 4 Piece Of Car Window Sun Shade

Dimensions: 23.2 x 19.2 x 3.6 cm

Material: Mesh

Color: Black  

Weight: 150gm

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