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Perfect Eyebrows enhances your overall facial makeup and makes your eyes look bigger but does your Makeup Kit contains a perfect Eyebrow maker?

Your wish is our command, Introducing, Restoryz™️, the perfect tool i.e. a full-pigment, water, and sweat-resistant brow pomade formula, helps to fill in your brows in seconds.

The kit comes with different stencils to shape your eyebrows so you can get perfect eyebrows every time. The texture is fine and smooth, easy to distribute, and easy to apply. Not only this, You can cover your greys instantly by firmly applying on your grey Hair.

Get the Perfect Looking Eyebrows in Minutes with Restoryz™️.


  • Super Easy to Use: Choose a stencil shape, unscrew the lid, hold the stencil in place with one hand, gently press and stamp your eyebrows. Start at the tail of the eyebrow and slowly work your way up to the base of the eyebrow. See the Illustration below.
  • Lasts Longer: No need to worry about touching up your eyebrows during your lunch break. Restoryz™️ lasts up to 48 hours.     
  • Multi Purpose: Anyone can use a set of Restoryz™️ to get the perfect looking brows because it includes 10 different stencils use them according to your makeup requirements and you can cover your greys with Restoryz™ instantly and get your hair color back without dying them.
  • Water, Oil & Sweat Resistant: Its Sweat, water, and Oil-Resistance, making it dry and resistant all day long, creates perfect eyebrows in seconds and saves time every morning. Now No need to worry about having to touch up your eyebrows during your lunch break with Restoryz™️.

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