Metal Glue (A & B) - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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For lasting repairs on broken metals and iron article, stop relying on ordinary Paints or Glues, instead choose Allobond™️.

The Combination of two Tubes A & B together makes it an effective adhesive that fixes the Metal in flash without further breaking it. 

The aftereffects are so strong that it doesn't catch hold of Rust and you can easily drill thru it or Paint afterwards. 

Fixing the broken metals and iron is now super easy with Allobond™️.


  • A great alternative to welding: Repair with this Allobond™️, cracked or damaged metals back to perfection with the Heat Resistance Metal Repair Adhesive! This should help make your DIY metal repairs easy and fast! 
  • Effective Adhesive Agent: Developed as an alternative to torch welding, it provides strong and long-lasting repairs to metals and multiple other surfaces. It will bond almost any clean surface that is free of dirt and oil.
  • Long Lasting Bond Strength: It forms a strong and stable permanent bond that should last for ages. It can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded, and drilled depending on its purpose.
  • Three characteristics after curing: Does not shrink after curing, hard as iron, can be polished, drilled, milled, and painted.

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