EasyChill™ 2.0

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Tired of the scorching heat?

EasyChill™ 2.0, a Portable Mini Air Conditioner ensures you enjoy a fresh, purified, and cool atmosphere without burning a hole in your pocket. Perfect for any setting – be it at home, work, or travel. 

Elevate your summer experience with our efficient cooler, and bid adieu to discomfort!


  1. Portable Cooling Everywhere: Take your comfort zone on the go, perfect for homes, offices, and travels, all with a lightweight design.
  2. Triple Air Magic: Experience an all-in-one cooler that not only gives you a fresh summer breeze but also humidifies and purifies, ensuring every breath is better.
  3. Eco-Friendly Powerhouse: Get up to 10 hours of soothing cool air with a single refill, and power it easily with USB or standard outlets – all while saving energy and money!
  4. Silent and Smooth: Enjoy a refreshing breeze without the noise, operating quietly at 58 dB, paired with mood-enhancing LED lights in 7 vibrant colors.
  5. Simple, Universal, and Low-Maintenance: Easily adjust fan speeds, connect to various devices like phones or TVs, and ensure lasting coolness with a washable filter and straightforward cleaning steps.

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