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Proponents of acupuncture for weight loss believe that acupuncture can stimulate the body's energy flow (chi) to influence factors that can reverse obesity.  Weight gain, according to traditional medicine, is caused by an imbalance in the body.  And these imbalances can be caused by malfunctioning: liver, spleen, kidneys, thyroid gland and endocrine system.

According to Asian wisdom, the human body contains over 360 acupuncture points, over 60 of which are located on the soles of the feet.  Our Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock contains the right combination of pressure points that can help stimulate increased metabolism and diet control, leading to better weight management.


Hypothalamus gland (appetite control)
The main function of the hypothalamus is to control body temperature, appetite and water retention.  Located on the side of the thumb, the reflex points of the hypothalamus focus on maintaining internal balance.

Pituitary gland (prevents fat accumulation)
Main function is to discharge almost all hormones in your body.  Hormones deal with growth balance, metabolism, blood sugar and energy levels.  Regular pressure on the pituitary gland during foot reflexology can prevent excessive fat accumulation.

Thyroid gland (controls metabolism)
The gland's main function is to produce hormones that control your metabolism.  Focusing on the thyroid gland during foot reflexology allows the body to regulate your body weight, muscle strength and cholesterol levels.

Adrenal gland (burns calories)
The main function of the adrenal reflexology point is to increase the energy in our body to burn more calories.  The adrenal gland also helps our body deal with stress.

Bladder (releases excess fluids)
The main function of this reflexology point is to activate the excretory system to release excess fluids from our body. Poor bladder functions will accumulate toxins that cause infections such as urinary tract infections.  Regular foot reflexology session focused on the bladder can detoxify your kidneys, ureter and bladder.

HOW DO TURMALINE Slimming Health Socks WORK?

While acupuncture uses needles to pierce or perforate the skin, this approach is more convenient and easier by combining different pressures (pre-acupuncture) and stimulation on the surface of the skin using the tourmaline materials in this health sock.

The tourmaline properties of the socks not only target natural acupressure points, but also release negative ions and emit infrared waves that transmit heat deep into the body, forcing the body to burn more calories.

Infrared heat is absorbed by cells, causing a physical phenomenon called 'resonance.'  Thus, cellular activities are instantly revived, resulting in better blood circulation and overall improved metabolism.


WEEK 1  : “My bum is swollen and I didn't know why it was like that at first, then when I tried to research about it I found out that it's caused by poor lymphatic care and fluid retention in body parts is what's doing it. . Then I saw this Tourmaline Slimming Health stocking online and thought I'd give it a try.'

WEEK 2:   “Two weeks of constant wearing of the Tourmaline Slimming Health Socks made a remarkable difference to my belly as it was greatly reduced and the water weight dropped. It's like it's slowly flattening out. I don't feel very full anymore. and heavy as before. It's also very stylish and I have no problem wearing it every day.'

WEEK 4: 
'I was finally able to get the results I wanted. My belly is free of the retained fluid that causes it to swell and has been lifted in such a way that the shape conforms to my body. Thanks to Zunis™. I was able to achieve my weight loss goal without taxing my entire body from heavy gym workouts. I also have more time to spend with my family because I don't have to go out much to exercise. Highly recommended!'


  • An effective aid in weight loss
  • Proven acupressure and foot reflexology therapy
  • It accelerates metabolism and improves digestion
  • Infrared tourmaline benefits
  • Multiple benefits – foot reflexology can also be used for a number of conditions such as weight loss, back pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, cholesterol and stress.
  • Easy weight loss (just wear a regular sock)

1/2/3/5 Pairs x Tourmaline Slimming Health Socks

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