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Power: High

Light up your entire space with this stealthy little USB projector. Stariox™ shows only the glamorous starry projections plastered all across the room and conceals the setup behind the beauty.

The USB is equipped with a projector with different patterns that when connected, lights up the whole room giving a replica of the galaxy as we know it.

  • Changes pattern and design: Stariox™ is equipped with a rotatable head that changes the pattern of the projection. You can switch between five different patterns and designs simply by twisting the head. 

  • Perfect for parties and celebrations: This compact projector is powerful enough to illuminate an entire room, lawn, and terrace. It can also be used in cars, wagons, and RVs for a party-like décor. 
  • Easy to Power: The simple USB design makes Stariox™ compatible with phones, laptops, adapters, power banks, and car power slots. 

  • Sturdy, Strong, and Powerful: The bendable USB cable stays in position to whatever angle you set it to. This allows you to point the projector upwards, downwards, or either side. 


  • Material: Premium Quality Rubber Wire + Heat Resistant Plastic
  • Projector Color: Red

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